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Darleen R. March, Broker/Owner

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Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc.,

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1098 US Route 9, Schroon Lake, NY 12870



Raised in New Hampshire, with a degree in Business Science.  I have worked in the fields of education, law enforcement and professional legal field before starting my own businesses.  I enjoyed operating several businesses such as business support services, and later my favorite ... a newspaper business before falling in love with the Adirondack'er.  With my sense of adventure, I just simply couldn't say 'no' the Adirondacks when I was afforded the opportunity to join.   I found the folks so helpful and warm that I wanted to return the welcome by helping others join the Adirondacks.  "What better way than helping folks with their real estate needs?" is the reason I started a real estate agency.  So, I got a little carried away with helping; we are now eight offices, 40+ ACHR agents and over 3,700 sub agents.  Our goal is to help the entire Adirondack Park, so we're always looking for good folks to help me help others!


Areas of Expertise

Luckily to inherit my mother's artistic abilities, I blend this talent into the business word. 

My expertise was built in many stepping blocks.  First armed with the degree in Business, I exploring my skill in the Fortune 500 company world, but found this unfulfilling.  Then I tried worked in the education sector as Adm. Assistant whereby we built the new vocation building and programs from planning to building completion.  It was rewarding to take on an entire five year project from start to finish.  Then, I started my family, and I relocated my job area where I ventured in the field of law at the state police department as Adm. Assistant and Dispatcher.  As my family demanded more, I started the world of entrepreneurship and never looked back into the 9-5 routine.   I ran and operated a business support service for many years assisting folks from K-Mart to small contractor's needing a brochure.  Desktop Publishing, resume designing, large databases maintenance, to legal assistance, was the normal day.  Variety kept the artistic ideas growing, and my clients grew their businesses as well successfully. 

Thereafter, I found a need for a local community newspaper as the old one been abandoned.  I picked this up with a help of a great team, and we brought back the newspaper but it grew to beyond a community, into 12 communities and being a monthly struggle to keep the shelves stocked.  We organized it as a newsmagazine with local professional writers, state & town news, historical stories, health and food features and many other great information from our community; much like the sponsored site of "In And Around The Adirondack Park." 

I believe my varied background prepared me well for the career of real estate.  There is nothing more rewarding that seeing others achieve their goals and sometimes their helpers (like us Realtors) need to be creative and understanding.  I can see a project from the beginning to the end, and make it grow outside the box. 


Why I Love the Adirondacks

Personally, I feel the seasons are how I measure my life timeline.  The cold Alaskan tundra to the shores of Key West can't compare to the beauty of the mountains, lakes and four seasons here in the Adirondacks.  The Park has many favors to enjoy and I'm still sampling each and every one.  With 6 million acres to explore, I'm going to be busy for many more years; so I figured I'd call this home.  Adirondack folks, which I hope to be considered among them, are helpful, giving and cheery.


Best Advice to Clients

Clients and customers should be comfortable with their real estate representative.  Don't be a sheep, and make your agent work with you to achieve your goals.  A good agent will listen and a good customer will be honest.  Choose an agent who you sense is knowledgeable in the areas you are seeking and works well with you.   Our agents have been trained in the environment of the Adirondack Park agency laws, trained by New York Board of Realtors on ethical service to our public.  No longer are the days of 10 meg computers and the old stereo type of real estate salesmen.  The business of real estate has changed to one of service to our property owners, of which we are the cause of their sale, and buyers now are afforded their own representation in their purchase.  The law has taken a good position of protecting the public in real estate practices, and rightly so.  So find an agent that is right for you, good service, good ethics, honest answers and one that listens.